Hello world!

Welcome to Arc’s Lab!

As you can probably notice the site is pretty much useless at the moment since I just started it.


Here I will present my own electronics projects/circuits and provide all the schematics and instructions required to build them. You can also expect to find some random posts mostly related to electronics as well as component tests and small circuits which have extensive applications in other projects.


As soon as possible! I already have some cool projects for you, just be patient until I write something meaningful.

For whom?

Mostly for semi-experienced people interested in electronic and DIY. I will assume you know some basic theory and have skills necessary to etch your own PCBs and solder components in place.


In plain english and without much fuss! Expect some gramatical and spelling errors since english is not my native language.

“See” you soon!


  1. Lorenzo says:

    Hello Arcom, I’m italian,
    I’ve build your pic countdown timer and it work very well.
    But I wold use this timer for other scope, in a timeout in a game.
    I need to modify the start time up to 60 minutes and, if possble, to take out the pre heat, the rest is fine.
    I ask if you can send me the source code, I’ll modify it myself.
    I’m not a programmer but something I undestand about it.
    Can you send me it?
    Thank in advance.

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