So you want to know more about me?

Here is a short summary…

My parents call me: Marko
My friends call me: Arcom
You can find me in: Croatia (small country in Europe)
When I’m not working, I’m: programming microcontrollers, soldering, playing with power tools, disassembling my car, diving, biking, etc.
When I’m working, I’m: developing PLC/SCADA software for industrial control systems
It took ages to finish: electronics engineering (and I’m still learning)

As you can see, I am more of a practical guy who spends its free time doing something…practical and “touchy”. Most of the time it is about electronics, preferably a combination of software and hardware, but I am not afraid to go a bit “off-road” and take a power tool when the situation calls for it.

I started with electronics when I was 6 or 7 years old and got absolutely fascinated by it! At first I gave huge headaches to my parents because I had this annoying habit to disassemble every electronic toy/device and look inside to see what made it tick. Do not worry – I assembled most of them back into original shape… Then I grew up and started blowing fuses around the house.

Currently I am working as a supervising engineer writing software for PLC/SCADA systems and commisioning industrial machines on site. I spend most of my free time with a soldering iron in my hands. Yes, I am a geek and I like it!

If I had to sum myself in one picture, this would probably be it:

crazy scientistOK, I really do not look that crazy but the essence is there!

I sincerly hope that you will find my projects useful whether as a complete projects that you will actually use or as a starting point (idea) for your own projects.

Feel free to contact me if you need any advice or support with my projects.
You can write to: arcom@arcslab.com

I wish you all happy construction,