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Arc Dimmer – Schematic

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I finally found some spare time to upload the schematic for the Arc Dimmer:
Arc Dimmer schematic 1/2 Arc Dimmer schematic 2/2

Everything should be straightforward so I’m just going to give you a few notes on the optional components. If you want to build a stand-alone dimmer which is controlled via buttons and/or potentiometers, place components R36-R39, C30-C31 and D30-D31. If you want to build an I2C bus-controlled dimmer, place components U30 and R30-R35 (with the exception of R32/R33). U40 and U41 are there just to provide different footprints on the PCB.

PDF version of the schematic can be found on the Projects page.

Arc Dimmer – Introduction

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My friend asked me if I could make him a push-button controlled LED dimmer, so I did! And went a bit haywire with the options list, as usual. Instead of making a single-purpose dimmer I decided to make it a bit more universal and bulletproof. Here are the basic specs:

  • operating voltage: 12-24V DC
  • load current: up to 10A (or more with a different output switch)
  • protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature
  • two configurable control inputs
  • optional I2C interface for bus control
  • status and power LEDs

The PCBs arrived a few days ago and I assembled one unit for testing. A few parts are missing because they are on order and should arrive soon. Here are a few pics until I prepare the documentation:
Arc Dimmer PCB
Arc Dimmer Prototype
Arc Dimmer Prototype

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