UNI-T UT60E Accuracy Check

Second multimeter that faced the DMMCheck Plus is the UT60E from UNI-T. It’s a 4000 count TrueRMS meter with much lower specifications than the UT71C tested previously. Let’s see if cheaper is really worse…or not.

As before, DMMCheck Plus with its specification sheet if anyone is interested:
DMMCheck Plus DMMCheck Plus

Both the DMMCheck and UT60E were left alone for around 30 minutes to get to know each other and for their references to stabilize (room temperature was 21C/70F).

AC/DC voltage measurement: passed!
UT60E AC Voltage Measurement - 5V RMS UT60E DC Voltage Measurement - 5V

AC/DC current measurement: passed!
UT60E AC Current Measurement - 1mA RMS UT60E DC Current Measurement - 1mA

Frequency and duty cycle measurement: passed!
UT60E Frequency Measurement - 100Hz UT60E Duty Cycle Measurement - 50%

Resistance measurement: passed!
UT60E Resistance Measurement - 100R UT60E Resistance Measurement - 1k
UT60E Resistance Measurement - 10k UT60E Resistance Measurement - 100k

I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised with the results. Both current and resistance measurements were spot on which is incredible considering the UT60E’s specifications. Definately a permanent multimeter on my bench!

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